Custom Coatings Formulations

Because off-the-shelf products aren't for everyone

Do you have a special need or application that is not being adequately met with off-the-shelf resins available to you? Consider allowing our university trained technical staff to work with you to develop a custom coatings formulation to meet your exact needs.

Polyaspartic coating drawdown lab test
Gloss meter test at 20, 60, 85 degrees
Rex Gauge Durometer Hardness Test 65D
Shore Hardness Test 40D


The chemistry of coatings is all about sensible and carefully thought through trade-offs. For example, many customers think a harder resin is better. But with increased hardness, we typically get more brittleness and less elasticity, translating into a potentially shorter lifespan coating. Our trained and experienced chemists can discuss and help you reach decisions about the balance that needs to be met in order to produce a resin having the desired characteristics and performance criteria best suited for the environment and uses of your application.

Don't be fooled into thinking it's all about the resin. While resin family choice is important, in many instances, what separates a truly superior performing resin from an ordinary or poorly performing resin, is not the resin, but the additives introduced into the formulation to give the resin unique and special performance characteristics that make it perform better than similar resins you might otherwise think are identical.

Testing Parameters

Some factors to consider in any application, include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Adhesion
  • Bubbling, foaming, fish-eye, surface tension, and other coating phenomenon that need to be considered
  • Clean-ability of the dried surface
  • Cure time and return to service
  • Elasticity
  • Friction coefficient of the dried surface
  • Hardness
  • Indoor vs. outdoor exposure and UV stability
  • Pot-life
  • Water vs. solvent based chemistry

Custom Pigment Services

Vibrant or dull, we can make it

In addition to our custom coating formulation service we also offer to match custom colors with our Custom Pigment Services. Many resin manufacturers and resellers offer a limited number of stock colors for you to choose from, seriously limiting your ability to meet today's widely varying color demands customers want. And the few resin manufactures that do offer custom color pigment services are typically slow, unresponsive, and not dependable with their turn-around times.

We stock all the base colors in order to make whatever color you want. Army drab green, Ferrari red, or even your favorite sports team's colors - We can make it. Read More...

Work With Us

We have worked with customers in many different industries to produce coatings specific to their unique need. Consider us, the next time you have a need that off-the-shelf resins are not meeting.

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