Custom Pigment Services

Enhance your color offerings

Tired of seeing the same basic colored pigments? Maybe your customers have been requesting special colors you don't have. Whatever the case, our custom pigment service is able to match almost any color you send us. Now you can offer your customers a premier color matching service. Just another tool in your belt to help you get the job.

Pantone Pigment Color Matching Wheels

Everything In House

Many resin manufacturers and resellers offer a limited number of stock colors for you to choose from, seriously limiting your ability to meet today's widely varying color demands customers want. And the few resin manufactures that do offer custom color pigment services are typically slow, unresponsive, and not dependable with their turn-around times.

We stock all the basic pigment colors in our labs, allowing our in-house chemists to produce nearly any color your customers might want. Best of all, we provide industry leading and unbeatable turn-around times typically 3 to 5 days from placing your order to shipping the custom color pigment out to you.

Many customers will find a Dun Edwards or Sherwin Williams color that they want for their project. Simply provide us with that color number and we can provide you with pigment to match, allowing you to offer your customer more choice than nearly anyone in the industry. And, you have assurance that the custom color pigment is compatible with our resin chemistry, taking uncertainty out of the process.

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We have worked with customers in many different industries to produce pigments specific to their unique need. Consider us, the next time you have a need for a custom pigment.

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