Technical Support

Solid, Reliable and Timely Technical Support

One of our main mission statements is providing solid, reliable and timely technical support. Our university trained technical staff are knowledgable in a wide range of subjects. From understanding the chemistry of our products to application techniques we can help you with whatever you're concerned about.

We don't just offer ordinary support, rather we strive to offer Solid, Reliable and Timely technical support. Many of our competitors offer sub-par coatings formulations and even more sub-par technical support. We know that when you have an issue, you want information that is accurate and as fast as possible. For example, say you've just spilled some mixed polyaspartic onto an area that you didn't want to coat. If you didn't already know how to clean up the material, you can call us and our staff would walk you through the clean-up procedure. One such procedure depending on the substrate might involve dilution with solvent and collecting the material in empty hazardous waste buckets as per your local regulations regarding waste.

Whatever the issue, we work diligently to solve your problems

Technical Support Questions

Have a question regarding technical support? Contact us and we will work with you to resolve any issues you might be having.
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