Private Label Services

Make products your own

Resellers, distributors, and contractors often seek to re-label their products. We now offer to private label all of our products so that you don't have to. Why hassle with stubborn sticky labels, we know how hard they can be to remove. Save time and money by letting us private label our coatings for you. Looking for your own custom formulated coating, or do you already have a formulation and are looking for toll manufacturing? Reach out and we will do our best to work with you.

Private Product Package Label Service

Look Professional

The biggest reason we hear customers choose to use our private label service is that they want to look more professional. What better way than to represent your company by having customized product labels and packaging on all the products you use. Our private label service, also known as contract packaging, is done in house and at the time of manufacture.

You can provide your company logo to be used on a template for our product packaging. Or you can work with our in house graphic designer to design a logo and label that suits your business. Utilizing the latest in graphic design software we have the ability to produce stunning and beautifully sleek yet elegent product packaging.

Work With Us

We have worked with customers in many different industries to produce labels and product packaging specific to their unique need. Consider us, the next time you have a need to private label our products.

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