Polyaspartic Coatings

Our most versatile coating product

The polyaspartic coatings of today are not like the ones that were released over 15 years ago. Our polyaspartic coating formulations address many of the issues that contractors didn't like in the early adoption days. Early polyaspartic formulations used to cure way too fast, have short pot life, poor adhesion and other physical property issues.

The product you get from Mirabel Coatings today addresses all of the older issues many people disliked about the product. Our formulations are still fast, with good pot-life, and even better adhesion and other physical properties. Polyaspartic can be used on many different substrates such as concrete, metal, pavers, and more. This makes our polyaspartic coatings the most versatile coating on the market. From floor coatings to roadways, even bridges and tank liners. Polyaspartic coatings fill a need in any quick application category with superior physical properties. And if you need a custom formulation to meet specific job specifications we will work with you to develop a polyaspartic coating formula that meets your strictest guidelines.

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Polyaspartic Coatings
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