Epoxy Crack Repair

This video shows a project where the goal was to come up with a very low cost means to fill in a long, varying depth trench in the middle of a warehouse floor. The warehouse structure is over 50 years old and the property owner did not want a high budget job. The motivation was to have a fairly smooth finish. The current rough condition of the floor and the trench presented a risk of tearing up forklift wheels and a risk of flipping over a forklift. So this job was driven purely by functional needs and budget. A good looking decorative finish was not the goal.

In this case, Mirabel’s Epoxy 100 product mixed with sand provided a very cost effective means for repairing this floor, and getting the floor smooth enough so that it would not tear apart forklift wheels moving across it, or present a risk of flipping a forklift over. It was not a requirement that the crack filler be hard and grindable within an hour, which would have dictated use of our more commonly used and more expensive crack repair product that is typically used on garage floors where speed is of the essence if the floor is to be completed in one day.

Here, the project took several days and we were not concerned with a quick cure time and time to grind the repaired areas. The epoxy/sand approach came in at less than half the cost of our normal crack repair product and enabled us to return this old warehouse floor to a serviceable condition and give it many years of additional life

Consider using Mirabel’s Epoxy 100 resin for similar type crack repair projects you encounter where time is not as critical as in garage floor projects that need to be started and finished in one day.