Coating Applications

Coatings are all around you, enhancing your life, applications are truly endless

The modern world wouldn't be possible without coatings. From decorative to protective, coatings serve a purpose in all aspects of life. From the time you wake up, your alarm clock or phone has coatings technology in it. Your shampoo, toothpaste, and even ketchup bottles have an anti-friction coating inside. Your car has countless coatings, adhesives, and other resin products that make up the dashboard, arm rests, and more. Mirabel Coatings develops its own custom coating formulations to meet the strict demands of today and tomorrow for all types of users. Consider us for all your specialty coatings needs, whatever the application we can work with you using an existing product or design a new one to meet your needs.

Our Coating Applications

Uses for our coatings are endless, don't be afraid to think outside the box

Have a new coating application idea?

Work with us to develop a coating system to meet your needs
Coating applications are truly endless. If you have a new application idea and want to work with us let us know. We're constantly looking for new fields to break into. We'd be honored to develop a new coating for you and your team to use.
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